Alpha 0.0.2

            Alpha 0.0.2 The Bigs Adds

-Added a video on youtube of the game (the account is Ayfri)
-Added texture for ball
-Added color for walls
-Added a change log
-Added a help image for controls
-Added a secret Pick up
-Change color to Pick up
-Change color for terrain
-Change the view to the 3rd person
-Change the speed of the player when he win
-Change the patern for the Pick ups
-Change the color for the final text
-Change a little bit the light
-Change the base speed of the player
-Fix the typing error for the counter
-Fix the name of the game
-Increase the size of the terrain so the walls also
-To the futur the change log will be in the folder of the game

-Added game time
-Added fun

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