Alpha 0.0.9

        Alpha 0.0.9 Time to level 2 (real)

-Added the game on
-Added a video
-Added a lot of walls
-Added a floor
-Added the "lol" model
-Added things for the level 2
-Added traps
-Added a button for show questions
-Added a button for hide questions
-Added questions
-Added answers
-Added a support for virtual reality (I think)
-Added a big place for fun if you're wrong at the questions
-Change size of walls
-Change place of walls
-Change the second floor
-Change the view of the 3rd person
-Change the size of the secret
-Change the place of the secret
-Change the reward of the secret
-Fix the name of the executer
-Fix the win text for level 1
-Import 5 text for answers of questions of the level 2
-Import a "lol" model
-Try to move pick up up and down
-Try to add a restart button
-The secret can be take now
-Update the change log

-Added a lot of fun
-Added game time
-Readded suicide


Roll Your Ball Alpha 0.0.9.rar 14 MB
Jan 14, 2018

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