Alpha 0.0.6

                    Alpha 0.0.6 The Big changes

-Added the red pick up
-Added a lot of in-walls
-Added a lots of pick up
-Change the speed win
-Change the speed gain with pick up
-Change the speed gain with red pick up
-Change the place of the pick up
-Change the place of the secrets
-Change the place of the walls
-Change the place of the secret
-Change the spawn point
-Change "count" to "point"
-Change the color of the ground
-Change the color of the pick up
-Change the color of the secret
-Change the color of the side-walls
-Change the color of the light
-Change the side of the light
-Change the light
-Change the shadow
-Fix some things in the Change log
-Fix the name of this file
-Fix the name of the game when it's open
-Fix the red pick up
-Increase the size of the ground
-Increase the size of the side-walls
-Red pick up is now in the game

-Added a lot of game time
-Added a lot of fun

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