Alpha 0.0.10

            Alpha 0.0.10 Optimization and customization

-Added 4 new textures for the ball
-Added 4 button for customize the texture of the ball
-Added walls for the platform below
-Added "later" category in the change log
-Change the controls image
-Change the color of the light
-Change the direction of the light
-Change the place of the picks up
-Change the base speed of the ball
-Change the base texture of the ball
-Change the speed after level 1
-Change the color of the the screen of the beginning
-Fixed a big misspelling in the change log
-Fixed the controls image
-Optimization for the launch
-Optimization in the code
-Optimization of the size of the game
-Remove the restart button for now
-Remove the ennemy for now
-Remove the golf texture for now
-Remove all useless files
-Small changes in the change log

-Added a little fun
-Added a little game time


Roll Your Ball Alpha 0.0.10.rar 14 MB
Jan 18, 2018

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